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SWTOR Imperial Agent guide


click here for swtor saviour guide!The Swiss army knife of the Sith Empire happens to be the Imperial Agent. This class focuses on doing the bidding of the Empire while staying in the shadows and not being seen while completing their objectives and missions. Unlike the two Jedi classes, the Imperial Agent does not use any force powers but instead relies on using technology, weapons, and explosives to fight battles. The Imperial Agent does tremendous damage from range; however, fighting in melee range is definitely not a strong point of this Sniper Imperial Agent specialization.


SWTOR Imperial Agent Specializations

There are two classes that are fairly similar to one another for the Imperial Agent, the Operative and the Sniper. The operative has the ability to stealth and stay hidden and is also able to heal allies when going down that skill tree, however, if you are focused on doing the most damage possible the Sniper is the path to choose once you finish your newbie quest line.


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Operative: Of the two specializations, the Operative provides more flexibility as the Operative can heal groups. The Operative class when dealing damage can stealth around and attack other players from behind with a variety of close ranged attacks that can ensnare and do tremendous damage to the target.

 From there, the Operative can get range on the target and use a variety of guns to finish off the foe. One of the biggest selling points of picking the Operative is the Medic skill tree, which allows the player to have a variety of different heals and abilities to keep your group alive.

 Unlike other straight healing classes, the Operative can also deal damage while healing the other group members.

Operative Skill Trees:

Concealment: The Concealment skill tree focuses on using melee attacks and sneaking around the enemies to take them down. Abilities like Waylay allow your backstab attack to have 0 energy cost which can be very helpful.

Medic: If you are looking to play a fast paced character that is always using abilities, the Medic tree is perfection. The Medic tree allows boosts to healing abilities can make heals crit much more frequently.

Lethality: The Lethality skill tree has many excellent DoT (damage over time) skills that can slowly kill the target. Abilities such as Corrosive Rounds will refresh your poison attacks on the target and keep their health ticking down.


Sniper: Unlike the Operative class, the Sniper has one job and one job only; deal damage. The Sniper is arguably the best class in the game when it comes to killing targets from ranged and if left unhindered, the Sniper can kill even the most powerful of foes. 

Sniper Skill Trees:

Marksmanship: The Marksmanship tree focuses on increasing the abilities of long ranged attacks.

Engineering: This skill tree focuses mainly on the abilities to use droids and bombs to weaken and destroy the target. If you are focused on playing a character and loves technology, this is the way to go.

Lethality: Lethality is available for both the Sniper and Operative classes. Lethality like stated above uses DoT attacks to slowly destroy the target.


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